Republic of Tunisia
Ministry of Agriculture , Water Resources and Fisheries

الجمهورية التونسية
وزارة الفلاحة والموارد المائية والصيد البحري

Republique Tunisienne
ministère de l’Agriculture, des ressources hydrauliques
et de la pêche

Agricultural Development

  The CNEA created itself a methodological tradition in the pose of the problematic of the agricultural development; what has building permits of the projects meeting the expectations of the farming population of most “governorates” of the country.

The studies conferred by the CNEA for the integrated agricultural and farming development were solicited by 15 big regions. Seven studies interested the financial backers (BIRD, BEI, FIDA, BAD, KFW, etc.. ) to become special regional projects of a big socioeconomic span.

Beyond the regional development, our experience interested the private agricultural promoters, the Civil Companies of Enhancement, the Company of Freeways Tunisian exploitation, the Professional Plot and the Banks of Development, as many the customers that trusted us;  their success is also the one of the CNEA