Republic of Tunisia
Ministry of Agriculture , Water Resources and Fisheries

الجمهورية التونسية
وزارة الفلاحة والموارد المائية والصيد البحري

Republique Tunisienne
ministère de l’Agriculture, des ressources hydrauliques
et de la pêche

Hydraulic Agriculture

Pioneer of the Tunisian engineering in the domain of the agricultural and farming hydraulics, the CNEA collaborated to the edification of the national strategy of water and the development of the Leading Plans of Tunisia concerning management of water.

This experience allowed him to undertake some appraisals in the domain of the agricultural hydro planning, and of the technical studies of projects on the economy of water.

The CNEA HYDRAULIC assures the following benefits : 

  • The previous studies, of execution and rehabilitation of the systems,,
  • The establishment and follow-up of the authorized files,
  • The technical support and the formation by the users and the technical staff,

The benefits concerned the big arrangement, returning to the irrigated perimeters (Bou Heurtma, Ghardimaou, Utique, Menzel Temime, Medjez, Testour…, They also interested the creation and the exploitation of the dams hills.